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The Laser Hair Removal Course  will be   meant to   very well  train  ones  student  on the  science  IN ADDITION TO   application form   of the  type 4 laser hair removal device  for the  removal  associated with  hair. Graduates  will certainly   acquire   appropriate   work   in  Medical Spas, Physicians offices,  ALONG WITH  laser hair removal device companies.

This course  is   tested   by the   section   regarding  State Health  products and services   and the  Texas Workforce Commission  for its  State  associated with  Texas LHR Technician certificate.
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In order  to help   possibly be  fully certified  to be a  Laser Hair Removal Technician,  your current  Texas  section   connected with  State Health  providers  requires  a good  40 hour classroom session,  plus   a great  hands-on component requiring students  to   add  100 laser hair removal treatments under  the  direction  of your  Senior Laser Hair Removal Technician  or maybe  Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP).

Hair Removal Training

Seminar (One Day) Courses:

Vein Reduction/ Pigmented Lesion Removal/Laser Facial (8 Hours)
This seminar  gives  classroom theory  AS WELL AS  clinical hands-on practice  inside  small vessel/telangiectasia reduction. Students  will   likewise   realize  laser facial  procedures   IN ADDITION TO  isolated pigmented lesion removal.  these kind of   techniques   will probably  enhance  a great  spa/clinic’s ability  to be able to  meet  ones   Demands   associated with  reversing  your current  signs  connected with  aging.

Intense Pulse Light  regarding  PhotoFacial  AND  Skin Tightening (8 Hours)
This seminar  may  teach students  for you to   function  Photo Rejuvenation  ALONG WITH  Skin Tightening treatments  with all the  latest  strategies   throughout  IPL. IPL theory, treatment endpoints  AND   protection  guidelines  tend to be   merely   a few  topics  that\'ll be  addressed. Erasing  your  signs  regarding  sun damage  is actually   sole   of any  leading treatments  for the   cosmetic  laser industry.

Tattoo Removal (8 Hours)
Tattoo removal  is actually   single   of an  fastest growing  necessary  treatments  for the   artistic  laser industry. Students  can   recognize   your own  theory  AS WELL AS   program   with a  Q-Switched laser  intended for  Tattoo Removal.  the particular  seminar  may  include Q-Switched photoacoustic theory, hands-on treatments  AND ALSO   safety measures  guidelines.

Body Contouring  ALONG WITH  Cellulite Reduction (8 Hours)
The Body Contouring  AS WELL AS  Cellulite Reduction seminar  will probably  focus  on  treatments  to  reduce cellulite  AS WELL AS  reshape body areas  while using the  latest technology  with  body contouring. Students  is actually  exposed  for you to  non-invasive cellulite reduction, treatment guidelines  AS WELL AS  hands-on treatments.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing (8 Hours)
This seminar  will  include theory, demonstration,  AND  hands-on  strategies   using  fractionated laser devices. Students  will probably   understand   to   use the  latest laser  products  safely  although  offering  a great  efficacious treatment.  EMPLOY   the particular  knowledge  to  meet  your   demand   of any  growing anti-aging treatment market.

Aesthetic Injectables
These courses include in-depth education  AND  hands-on injection training  from the  Botox  ALONG WITH  Dysport products,  and the  latest Hyaluronic fillers.  your own  courses  tend to be   created for  students wishing  in order to  incorporate  these types of   providers   immediately   into   it\'s  new  or even  existing business.

    Botox/Dysport Course (8 hours)
    Fillers Course (8 hours)
    Botox/Fillers Combination (16 hours)

Microdermabrasion (4 Hours)
This seminar  gives  classroom theory  ALONG WITH  clinical hands-on practice. Microdermabrasion  is usually a   method   that will   includes   manual  exfoliation  of the  skin's outer surface.  your current   tip   of your  wand  consumed   in  Microdermabrasion  can be   developed   connected with  natural diamond chips,  of which  polish  your current  skin  AS WELL AS  remove dead cells.  your  result  is actually  smooth, shiny  AS WELL AS  healthy looking skin.  the  natural diamond  principle   is actually  new technology  This is   easier   to help  control  than  prior  steps   AND ALSO   This  doesn't irritate  the  skin.  most of these   methods   may  enhance  a good  spa/clinic’s ability  to help  meet  your current   Prerequisites   regarding  reversing  the  signs  associated with  aging.

Microneedling (4 Hours)
This seminar  will probably  teach students  in order to   work  microneedling treatments  The idea   EMPLOY  multiple micro needles  It  vertically pierce  your  skin.  the  enhances rejuvenation results  ALONG WITH   can be  far safer  due to the   buyer   because the   there exists  much less epidermal damage.  your  automatic vibrating  perform   of the  Dermapen increases  your  effectiveness  connected with  treatment  through  increasing absorption  of  products,  though  reducing pain  AND ALSO  discomfort.

Dermaplaning (4 Hours)
Dermaplaning  is really a   quick   AS WELL AS   secure   approach to  exfoliating  your  epidermis  AS WELL AS  ridding  ones  skin  regarding  fine vellus hair .  your  hair often causes  a great  buildup  regarding  dirt  AS WELL AS  oils  with the  follicles,  therefore  removing  the  hair  offers   your  patient healthier looking skin. Students  can   realize   your  theory  IN ADDITION TO   process   This can be   just about all  often  considered   with  patients  within  rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring,  or  fine lines  ALONG WITH  wrinkles.  your own  treatment results  inside   a good   added  refined, smooth, “glowing” appearance.

Chemical Peels (4 Hours)
This seminar  gives   ones  foundation  regarding  chemical peels  throughout   a  emphasis on: ingredients, strength, how they affect  your  skin,  AS WELL AS  anticipated results.  your  seminar  additionally  addresses how chemical peels  are usually  administered; what precautions must  always be  taken;  IN ADDITION TO  contraindications  usually are  discussed  As  well.  a   far better  emphasis  on  light peels,  such as  Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) peels  AND  Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) peels  will be  presented. There  is likewise   a great  discussion  of a  skin,  like  anatomy, physiology,  ALONG WITH  skin  Disorders   -   AS WELL AS  discussion  relating to  antioxidants  AND ALSO  free radicals  of any  skin  AS WELL AS  body;  along with  vitamins, extracts,  AND  chemical peel acids  That   will probably  treat  your current  skin.
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